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Our mission is to make the best human performance tools universally accessible, ensuring that anyone who is dedicated to their personal power journey can achieve their goals.

The key to achieving our mission lies in the universality of our offerings. Kabuki Power products are designed not merely for the elite athlete but for anyone committed to a personal strength journey, whether they are taking their first steps into fitness or looking to surpass personal bests. The varied physiques, sports, and levels of athleticism embodied in our customers serve as a powerful visual metaphor for Kabuki Power's broad appeal, reinforcing that these tools are engineered for all users, irrespective of their fitness level or athletic discipline.

In essence, Kabuki Power's approach involves a dual narrative: introducing novices to the potential transformations achievable through disciplined use of their products, while affirming the brand’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence that existing users expect. This strategy not only broadens the brand’s appeal but also deepens the existing customers' loyalty, creating a comprehensive community around empowerment and peak performance.


The combination of an engineer and businessman who both share a love for strength sports and deep, practical and academic experinece in exercise science and kinesiology is the perfect foundation on which to start designing and manufacturing equipment in a space ripe for disruption and innovation. Our focus and specialty lies in bridging the gap between the performance and academic/clinical worlds by engineering better barbells and strength equipment. Every product we design and manufacture serves a purpose and can trace its development back to a tangible need we identified and chose to meet. True innovation and novel methods are in our DNA, and our products reflect this.

That DNA is made in the Power Forge.

In an age of commodization, cutting-corners, and snake-oil-salesmen, even in our industry, Kabuki Power Forge is committed to a purpose-driven product development and design engineering process to continue bringing novel tools & methods that solve problems and produce desired outcomes. Alongside countless incredible and passionate innovators, educators, and influencers - we are doing our part to help make the world a better place through strength.

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not just power. powerpeutics.

Powerpeutics represents a focused endeavor by Kabuki Power to bridge the gap between elite performance equipment and rehabilitative physical therapy tools. This line is meticulously designed to serve individuals recovering from injuries as well as those engaged in preventative care, ensuring they can maintain or return to optimal physical condition. Like the waves in its logo, Powerpeutics tools are relentless and enduring yet capable of gentle motions, perfectly embodying the dual nature of Powerpeutics’ offerings: strength-building yet supportive, robust yet responsive.

Utilizing the same innovative approach and high-quality materials that have defined Kabuki Power, Powerpeutics offers tools that are both accessible and effective, catering to a wide range of needs from recovery to strength enhancement. The brand commits to empowering individuals on their journey to full physical empowerment, underscoring the Kabuki ethos that 'power is for everyone'—now extended deeply into the realms of therapeutic practice and rehabilitative science.

Powerpeutics is designed not merely to align with the existing KabukiPower customer base but to invite a broader audience that values health sustainability and the proactive management of physical wellbeing. Powerpeutics is poised to transform the perception of rehabilitation, presenting it not just as a path to recovery but as a fundamental component of a lifelong commitment to strength and wellness

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