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Henry Rollins once said that "Friends come and go but 200lbs is always 200lbs." At Kabuki Power, we know that 200lbs isn't only 200lbs. Sometimes 200lbs represents the elation of a PR, the feeling of conquering your inner critic, or the knowledge that you can still lift your grandkids.

We therefore handcraft every item in this shop, and design those to come, according to a purpose-driven product development and design engineering process. In an age of commodization, cutting-corners, and snake-oil-salesmen, Kabuki Power commits itself to the people for whom 200lbs means something.

The Transformer Bar

v.4 vs Transformer X

What do you do with the most revolutionary bar in sports performance history? Make it even better. We broke v.4 down and rebuilt it from the ground up -- changing everything from the latch mechanism to massively improving the shoulder rest. When every item is handcrafted in Oregon, no detail is too small to perfect.

Keep your eyes pinned to this spot as we periodically show off updated design elements. To scratch your Transformer itch now, shop below.

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The barbell, elevated.


The absolute best in performance and recovery


Best investment I’ve ever made in a piece of gym equipment! So versatile and far more comfortable than the Rogue safety squat bars. I use it nearly every time I step into the gym.

— Eric

Awesome Bar
Had this bar for almost 3 years now and still integrate it to my weekly training regimen. Between this bar, the Trap Bar HD and a Rogue SSB (I wish I had got a transformer bar), I rarely use a straight bar anymore.
I use the Kadilac bar for all my pressing variations (Bench, floor press, overhead press, etc.) and also have found it great for seal rows and other rows. I used to struggle with shoulder inflammation and pain but this bar allows me to perform these movements more frequently and with more volume which has helped me progress quite a bit. For me the bar was well worth the price and I expect to continue using it for a long time.

— Justin

Duffalo Bar
This bar really hits the spot! I use this bar for benching and sqauting. It is easier on my wrists and shoulders than a strait bar so I can go much heavier. The knurling on it is the best I've ever felt on any other bar and I never need to use chalk. I like my Rouge bars a lot but I love my Duffalo bar! Granted, I did have to modify my j-hooks slightly. I drilled and tapped the backside of the j-cup bracket and put a T bolt in it, like the old barbell collars have. I set the angle then tighten the T bolts on the backside. Works great!

— ChuckP

Unlike any other bar I have owned. Pretty much perfect grip.

— Kyle

No Regrets - 5* Quality
The trap bar is everything you could want - supreme quality, amazing design, time- saving sturdy feet that facilitate fast loading and unloading of plates, and versatile grips.

I now have the Kabuki Duffalo bar, trap bar, and Kadillac bar -none of them were something i could really afford but honestly the quality of K products is always worth it. The company just needs to work on the lead time and ability to ever answer the phone!


Love this BAR!!

Purchased this bar to get ready for USPA nationals this year. And so happy I did! I’ve had the Texas deadlift bar and dreaded every time I had to use it because it would just eat up my hands. This bar has aggressive knurling but won’t cut you so you can keep those nice callousness in tact 😉. The weights definitely feel better the heavier you go. The weights fit very snugly in the sleeves so clips wont be necessary at least not in the beginning. Very happy with this purchase. Shipping was fast and they have a military discount .☺️

— LJ


Can’t say enough good things about this bar. Like the rest of Kabuki’s products this bar is simply amazing.

I’ve been fortunate enough to try most of the “big” brands squat bars Rogue, Texas, Kabuki - and this one is by far my favorite.

The bar has no whip whatsoever and the knurling feels like it attaches to whatever it touches. There feels like no chance of the bar moving until you rerack your weight because the bar literally feels like part of you.

I love the way my black oxide looks in my home gym and having used an older one at a popular gym, I can honestly say the bar stands the test of time and use and remains amazing for years.

— Nick Tansor

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