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Product Features
  • Conveniently disassembles for easy storage.
  • Optimal length for balance and maximising the polyphasic nature of the swinging movement.
  • Loadable for a progressive training effect, eliminating the need for multiple tools.
  • Compatible with standard Olympic plates
  • Features a non-fixed, easy-load head perfect for quick weight changes.
  • Designed with a reverse end-stop, ensuring weights cannot fly off with proper tightening and use of the implement.
  • Knurled Handle for superior balance and grip (29 mm diameter).
  • Machined and rounded steel head tail doubles as Body Tempering tool.
Product Dimensions
  • Manufactured: Portland, OR, USA
  • Length: 48”
  • Knurl Length: 14”
  • Loading Mechanism: Reverse-loading
  • Loadable Area: 2.875”
  • Loading Increments: 1.25lbs (lightest olympic plates)
  • Maximum Load: 50lbs (using 10/25lb plates)
  • Safety: Weights cannot fly off the implement
  • Finish: Black Ice (black oxide)
Product Education

Everything you know and love about the classic ShouldeRok, with the addition of a completely detachable setup. Perfect for mobile sports prep and warm-up, travel and more, the ShouldeRok Portable is rehab on the run.

Based on one of the oldest strength implements in human history, the mace, or “gada,” The ShouldeRok is a loadable instrument designed to enhance mobility and muscle function. You might have heard the phrase “motion is lotion”--this couldn’t be more applicable to the ShouldeRok. Precision-engineered for efficacy, the ShouldeRok is adept at improving shoulder mechanics, essential for athletes involved in rigorous training.  

This tool is particularly beneficial for those engaged in sports or activities demanding superior shoulder and upper body mobility. By incorporating ShouldeRok swings into a pre-workout or recovery routine, users can significantly enhance their range of motion and decrease the risk of injury.

Regular use of the ShouldeRok can lead to improved proprioceptive feedback from the shoulder girdle to the brain, optimizing neuromuscular responses and enhancing performance in tasks requiring shoulder mobility and stability. For personal trainers and experienced gym-goers, the ShouldeRok is a tool that bridges the gap between general fitness and specialized athletic preparation. 

Not only is the ShouldeRok a unique training tool, its rounded steel head tail also functions as a powerfully effective tissue mobilization tool. The ShouldeRok’s end aids in maintaining range of motion and reducing discomfort from repetitive strain by manually breaking down knots and tense tissues. Integrating its use into regular recovery routines will pre-emptively address the build-up of tightness and enhance overall muscular health. 

The Black Ice finish is a proprietary innovation that exemplifies our commitment to quality and performance. It combines multiple treatment processes to offer a finish that feels like raw steel, looks visually appealing, and provides enhanced corrosion resistance. This balance of characteristics makes it a standout feature in our product lineup, reflecting our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation in the manufacturing process. To maintain the Black Ice finish, it is important to reapply the Bar Sauce product as needed, ensuring the bar retains its optimal appearance and performance over time.


Longer Shaft for Maximum Balance

Knurled Handle for superior balance and grip (29 mm diameter).

Loadable for a Progressive training effect

- Optimal length for balance and maximising the polyphasic nature of the swinging movement.

- Loadable for a progressive training effect, eliminating the need for multiple tools

Rounded Head doubles as a tool for soft tissue work.

Machined and rounded steel head tail doubles as Body Tempering tool.

Meet Kabuki Power Forge®

The advanced technology behind the BBOE(Best Bars on Earth).


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

What’s the difference between swinging the Shoulderok and traditional maces?

The swing of the ShouldeRok swings more like a traditional mace than nearly all products on the market. If you are buying any traditional mace make sure it has between 45-49” in overall length with a lightweight handle to get the proper effect. Other than that the feel is a bit different with the light knurling to improve grip.

What weight should I start with?

A common mistake is not starting with some load and trying to ‘learn’ the movement which unfortunately does not work as the movement as the weight is needed for natural pendulum/swing to happen during a relaxation phase. Typically at least 5lbs is needed for this with only 2.5lbs for beginners. The more muscle you have the more weight you will need to require you to relax and let it swing versus muscling it around. With larger athletes possibly needing at least 7.5lbs to learn.

How do I progress my training with the Shoulderok?

Getting to 3 sets of 10 swings each direction 2-3 times a week is a good spot before adding any load. You can progress load or sets and repetitions. The best progression is to advance to being able to do swings with just one arm.

How do I integrate Shoulderok use in my training plan?

The shoulderok is possibly the most versatile tool in integrating to your training that can be used before training, after training, or on off days. The before training would be as movement preparation for an upper body or deadlift session, as well as to improve shoulder mobility before a squat session. Off day it is often a favorite for active recovery applications to get blood moving and everything moving well before your next training session. Post training is used to restore function or mitigate inflammation of any shoulder issues after a hard training session. The last potential use is for cardiovascular training but at Kabuki Power we feel that their are better choices and prefer to not employ the shoulderok in a fashion that may lead to deteriorated movement quality with fatigue from this type of training.

Can I use the Shoulderok if I’m recovering from an injury?

YES! The approach to know if and when to employee it is to use the same teaching progressions. The steps are self limiting and will let you know when to advance. We typically don’t recommend using the shoulderok till 12 weeks afterwards if you had a surgery affecting the shoulder. Less invasive surgeries may allow it much sooner but again follow the self limiting progressions and the advice of your healthcare professional.

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