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The Black Ice Finishing Process

The Black Ice finish is a proprietary treatment developed by Kabuki Power that combines multiple processes unique to us that provide the best balance of performance, aesthetics, and corrosion resistance.


The Black Ice finish is achieved through a combination of treatment processes that are unique to Kabuki Power. This innovative approach integrates the raw feel of the bar with enhanced corrosion resistance, setting it apart from standard finishes. The process involves applying a proprietary finish on top of a black oxide base. This multi-step treatment ensures that the bar maintains its superior characteristics over time.


Feel: The Black Ice finish preserves the raw steel feel of the bar, which is preferred by many lifters for its grip and tactile feedback. Unlike finishes such as Cerakote or chrome, the Black Ice finish does not add a layer that can alter the knurling feel.

Durability: This finish provides enhanced corrosion resistance compared to bare steel or standard black oxide alone. It ensures that the bar remains durable and capable of withstanding harsh environments, such as high-humidity gyms.

Balance: While the Black Ice finish may not offer the highest level of corrosion resistance available, it strikes an optimal balance between performance and aesthetics, making it suitable for most users who prioritize both.


The Black Ice finish gives the bar a sleek, modern look with a deep, rich black color. This aesthetic appeal is important for both individual users and commercial gyms that want equipment that looks as good as it performs. Over time, the Black Ice finish maintains its appearance better than standard black oxide, which can wear off and show signs of corrosion quickly.

Corrosion Resistance

The combination of treatments in the Black Ice finish significantly improves corrosion resistance compared to bare steel and standard black oxide. While it may not match the corrosion resistance of some coatings specifically designed for harsh environments (such as zinc or Cerakote), it offers a much better balance of feel and resistance, making it a preferred choice for many lifters.


To maintain the Black Ice finish, it is recommended to regularly apply Kabuki Power's proprietary Bar Sauce product. This maintenance routine helps preserve the bar’s appearance and enhances its corrosion resistance over time. Regular application of Bar Sauce ensures that the bar retains its optimal appearance and performance, extending its longevity.


The Black Ice finish is a proprietary innovation that exemplifies Kabuki Power's commitment to quality and performance. It combines multiple treatment processes to offer a finish that feels like raw steel, looks visually appealing, and provides enhanced corrosion resistance. This balance of characteristics makes it a standout feature in Kabuki Power's product lineup, reflecting their dedication to continuous improvement and innovation in the manufacturing process. Regular maintenance with Bar Sauce is essential to keep the Black Ice finish in top condition, ensuring the bar remains a valuable part of any strength training regimen.