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What makes the Trap Bar HD different from regular trap/hex bars?

The Trap Bar HD is a design engineered open barbell design featuring a number of innovations designed to make for a better, and more effective lifting experience. Unlike a traditional trap/hex bar which is difficult to load and unload, the Trap Bar HD features a built-in bar jack - simply stand it up on its feet and easily load/unload plates. Additionally, our bar is the only one on the market with adjustable handle width to accommodate the smallest to the biggest of lifters. Swappable grips round out the unique feature set to make for an incomparable market-leading specialty bar.

Besides deadlifts, what other exercises can I do on the Trap Bar HD?

The open design of this barbell allows for a diverse set of exercise applications, including:
Lunge variations
Split squats
Ab wheel rollouts
Neutral-grip overhead press

What makes the Trap Bar HD “balanced in-hand”?

A small half-inch vertical offset on the low handles means the bar will not “dive” forward or backward like a teeter-totter, but rather default to center like a swing. This subtle innovation makes for a better lifting experience and showcases our dedication to functional design engineering that improves on the status quo.

Which handle width should I choose - narrow, standard, or wide?

The standard 25” brackets are generally suitable for most lifters between 150-300 lbs. For smaller athletes including women or children, the 23” narrow brackets will allow for a more comfortable, vertical arm position. Especially big lifters with broad shoulders can choose the 27” wide brackets to make sure they have enough room and optimal positioning.

Which handle grips does the bar come with?

The Trap Bar HD comes with two pairs of 29 mm stainless steel grips on both the low and high positions. These feature our proprietary and world-renowned Kabuki knurl in a stainless steel finish that is durable and corrosion-resistant.

What are the Love Handles and how do they work?

These unique handles are 2” in diameter and can be configured to rotate or as fixed. Setting the grips to rotate creates an additional level of difficulty that makes the Trap Bar deadlift more of a grip exercise, with the limiting factor being your grip strength and not your overall deadlift strength. In fixed position, they are more difficult to grip and lift than the standard 29 mm grips due to the additional diameter.

What is the load rating for the Trap Bar HD?

The bar has been load-tested up to 1500 lbs.

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