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Profession Validation and Philosophy

The Kabuki Forge: A revolution in manufacturing

The Power Forge is more than a manufacturing process; it's a commitment to excellence. By integrating innovation, meticulous engineering, premium materials, and rigorous testing, we ensure our equipment meets and exceeds industry standards. Our products are designed to support athletes in achieving world-class performance, embodying the Kabuki Power commitment to quality and innovation.

Representing our unique approach to manufacturing, combining cutting-edge technology, entirely proprietary processes, and unmatched craftsmanship to produce equipment that stands out in the market.

We believe in doing things differently to solve old problems and continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in strength equipment manufacturing. Our commitment to providing world-class training tools is matched only by our drive to use novel methods to design and create truly unique equipment for the strength athlete who prioritize the best bars in the world.

Find out what makes Kabuki Forge the best strength manufacturing process in the world:


At Kabuki Power, we revel in the challenge of doing things differently. In seeking new ways to solve old problems, we pursue unconventional paths. Our drive to provide training tools that will support world-class strength performances is matched only by our commitment to using novel methods to design and manufacture truly unique equipment for the strength athlete.

Each obstacle we encounter gives us a reason to spend time outside of our comfort zone seeking solutions, and as a result, we’ve repeatedly pioneered unique training tools-and ways to create them-that have changed the way athletes go from good to great. From proprietary heat treating processes that make our barbells last and perform like nothing else on the market to iconic designs that make tools like the ShouldeRok peerless, “different” is our superpower.

Vertical Integration: Total Control from Start to Finish

Design, Testing, Validation, and Manufacturing

Our process is fully vertically integrated, ensuring complete control over every stage:

In-House Design: We create all product designs internally, allowing for precise specifications and rapid innovation.

Rigorous Testing and Validation: Each product undergoes thorough testing to ensure optimal performance and safety. We don’t just stop at quality manufacturing; we subject our equipment to the most rigorous and stringent testing protocols in the industry.

Comprehensive Manufacturing:
By managing every step of the manufacturing process, we maintain strict quality control and foster continuous improvement. Our processes are carried out right here in the Pacific Northwest, supporting American manufacturing and craftsmanship.


At Kabuki Power, we don't just stop at quality manufacturing; we subject our strength equipment to the most rigorous and stringent testing protocols in the industry. We understand that athletes and fitness enthusiasts depend on our products for their safety and performance. That's why every piece of equipment we design undergoes a battery of tests to ensure it meets–and exceeds–the highest standards.

Our commitment to testing isn't just about meeting regulatory requirements; it's about delivering peace of mind to our customers. When you choose Kabuki Power, you're not only choosing superior equipment; you're choosing the confidence that comes from knowing your gear has been tested and proven under the most demanding conditions. Your success and safety are our top priorities, and our testing processes reflect that commitment.

closeup of power bar shaft and sleeve


From ideation to execution, exemplary engineering paves the way for exemplary performance. In our journey to support athletes attempting to break boundaries, we relentlessly work to do the same on the drafting table. Kabuki co-founder Chris Duffin’s award-winning engineering background in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment manufacturing sectors provides a rich foundation from which Kabuki’s reputation for exceptional design innovation has grown. Each training tool we create is the product of cutting-edge technology combined with meticulous, thoughtful design. We don’t just create tools that will solve training problems, we strive to design biomechanically sound products that prevent those problems from developing in the first place.


If the goal is to build a durable body, your training tools should be able to withstand rigorous use. Kabuki’s commitment to producing premium strength equipment means we hold the materials we use to make it to the highest standards. We understand that the foundation of any superior product lies in the quality of its components. That's why we source only the finest materials available, handpicking each element to ensure uncompromising durability and performance.

From the premium steel in our barbells, designed to withstand the most demanding lifts, to the precision-machined components that make up strength equipment, we spare no expense in sourcing materials that not only meet industry standards but also exceed them. Our dedication to utilizing high-quality materials reflects our commitment to producing equipment that empowers athletes to reach new heights, all while ensuring longevity and reliability. When you invest in Kabuki Power, you're investing in the assurance that your equipment is crafted from the best materials available and built to last.

Proprietary Processes: Unmatched Innovation

Unique Methods for Superior Results

We have developed several proprietary processes that set us apart :

Custom Material Profiles:
We design and use custom material profiles, such as elliptical tubing, that are not available off the shelf. This allows for unique product features and enhanced performance.

Advanced Heat Treatment:
Our exclusive heat treatment is performed after knurling for better material properties and knurl quality.

Black Ice Finish:
A proprietary combination of treatments offering an optimal balance of performance, aesthetics, and corrosion resistance.


Kabuki Power takes immense pride in its manufacturing processes, carried out right here in the Pacific Northwest. Our commitment to producing strength equipment of unparalleled quality is not just a promise; it's a way of life. With a streamlined manufacturing facility and a team of dedicated craftsmen, we maintain the highest standards at every step of the production journey.

From initial design concept to meticulous fabrication and precision assembly, every piece of equipment that bears the Kabuki Power name is a testament to our pursuit of excellence. When you choose Kabuki Power, you're not just investing in exceptional equipment, you're supporting American manufacturing and craftsmanship at its finest.

Small Batch Production: Quality and Customization

Our commitment to attention to detail and small-batch production ensures that every piece of equipment we produce meets the highest standards of precision and quality.

This approach allows us to:

  • Ensure Consistency:

We closely monitor each unit during production to maintain impeccable standards of precision and quality. This overwhelming pride in our attention to detail ensures that every product we manufacture performs at its best, providing athletes with reliable and consistent equipment.

  • Enable Customization:

Every product must meet our specific high standards and is a core part of our production philosophy. This commitment to customization involves several key elements:

Individualized Treatment:
Each bar undergoes a unique finishing process tailored to its specific metallurgical properties. This means that no two bars are exactly alike; each one is crafted to maximize its performance based on its inherent characteristics.

Unique Metallurgical Properties:
The unique properties of the steel used in each bar affect how it responds to different treatments. Our expert team adjust the heat treatment, knurling, and finishing processes for each bar to ensure optimal performance and durability. Each
bar undergoes a tailored heat treatment process, optimizing material properties for its specific application.

Custom Material Profiles:
We design and use custom material profiles, such as elliptical tubing, which are not available off the shelf. This allows us to incorporate unique features into our products, enhancing their functionality and appeal.

Enhanced Performance and Aesthetics:
By tailoring the manufacturing process to the specific properties of each bar, we ensure that every product not only meets our high standards but also offers enhanced performance and aesthetic appeal. We use custom-designed machinery that enables unique manufacturing processes, enhancing product quality. This customization process results in equipment that feels truly personalized to the needs of each athlete.

Our small batch production approach ensures that each piece of equipment we produce is not just another product off an assembly line, but a uniquely crafted tool designed to support your journey to greatness. The dedication to customization and meticulous attention to detail means that when you choose Kabuki Forge, you’re choosing equipment that’s as unique as you are.

Proudly Made in the USA

Commitment to Quality and Local Manufacturing

Everything that we can possibly have made in the USA we do, using domestic resources and labor. We source American-made steels for our products, supporting local industries and ensuring high quality. All our innovative and unique processes, including machining, assembly, and finishing, are conducted in-house, ensuring our top quality control but also that all of this is America made.

Professional Validation and Our Philosophy on Improvement and Innovation

Kabuki Power's dedication to building innovative fitness solutions is rooted in a unique blend of expertise and passion. Our product design and development is informed by the feedback and guidance of an array of accomplished fitness industry professionals. These top-level practitioners, clinicians, coaches, researchers, and athletes play an instrumental role in shaping the foundation of our equipment. Our relationships with renowned industry experts are an invaluable resource, serving as the advisory cornerstone upon which we create strength training solutions.

Kabuki barbells and strength equipment are not only developed with oversight by pros, they’re chosen by pros. Professional sports teams and many of the best strength athletes stock their training facilities with Kabuki, choosing to train with the best strength tools on the market in order to execute their best performances in competition. Our journey from expert guidance to athletic triumph is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of the Kabuki Power experience.

Within the Kabuki Forge, we are unwavering in our commitment to continuous improvement, it is a
cornerstone of our operational philosophy. This relentless pursuit of excellence is embedded in every aspect of our manufacturing process, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed industry standards.

For example, our proprietary barbell knurling machines are designed in-house to produce the precise grip patterns preferred by top lifters, offering unmatched performance and comfort. To do this we have had to spend, literally, years to develop specialized tools and machines tailored to our unique manufacturing needs.

This custom approach allows us to:

Optimize Production Efficiency: By creating tools specifically designed for our processes, we can streamline production, reduce waste, and enhance efficiency.

Enhance Product Quality: Custom machinery ensures precision and consistency in every product, maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Innovate Continuously: Our ability to design and modify our own tools means we can quickly adapt to new technologies and techniques, always staying ahead of industry trends.

We embrace the Kaizen philosophy, which centres on continuous, incremental improvement in every area of our operations. This commitment to Kaizen involves:

Empowering Employees: Encouraging all team members to contribute ideas for improving processes, fostering a culture of innovation and ownership.

Regular Review and Adjustment: Continuously assessing and refining our manufacturing techniques to enhance efficiency and product quality.

Through Kaizen, we have implemented numerous small but impactful changes, such as optimizing workflow layouts and upgrading to energy-efficient machinery, resulting in significant enhancements in overall productivity and product excellence.