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Plot twist: your joints have a new love interest.

Squats are supposed to hurt -- but not your heart. Breaking up is hard to do.

But squats aren't your ex: they can change. In fact, we changed them. Read the love notes yourself

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The PowerForge®Advantage

Kabuki Power's Forge process creates the best bars on earth.



We stare at barbells for hours -- why not make them beautiful? Kabuki Power designs every bar as a denial of the supposed gap between function and form. We make form function for you.

Transformer X Design Features







Revolutionary Function

The Transformer is the most revolutionary bar in history.


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What makes the Kadillac Bar different from other swiss/football bars for bench?

There are 2 main features that make this bar superior to the older “neutral grip” bars. 1. It has a very similar curved angle as our super popular “duffalo” bar, this allows for a greater ROM and keeps the shoulders in a better position. 2. The handle angels are specifically designed with your shoulders health and mechanics in mind. They are not all at the same angle, and they should not be as you raise your arm from your side to a bench press position the angle of your hand and upper arm change. This is the first pressing bar that pays attention to this simple functional anatomy!

Is it safer to bench press with the Kadillac Bar compared to a standard straight barbell?

Yes! Unless you are a competing powerlifter, we believe all of your pressing should be done on the Kadillac bar. Even if you are a powerlifter the majority of your pressing before meet prep and on secondary days should be on this bar for shoulder health. All other athletes and fitness enthusiasts need to be on this bar, as it will give better results while keeping your body safer in the long run due to the specific angles of the handels.

Which handles should I use and what are the differences between the narrow, middle, or wide handles?

All of them! We specifically chose to use 3 handle widths, close grip, normal and wide. For most people starting with the middle (normal) grip will give you the best balance of the features and will be close to your standard grip on a bar. When you want to give your triceps some more work bring in your grip to close and you will feel the difference. Then if you are looking for the largest ROM and a good stretch in the pecs go all what way wide. By using all three widths you will get superior results regardless of your goals. Don’t forget to try all fo your arm, overhead, pushup and rowing motions with the different handles as well.

What other exercises can the Kadillac Bar be used for besides bench press?

We recommend and program a ton of accessory work on the Kadillac. Overhead pressing with this bar will give you similar results and shoulder health vs a straight bar. One of the biggest areas that people dont consider is rowing variations. The shoulder acts very similar if both pressing and rowing variations are done correctly, therefor if we have a bar that will help put your body in a better position for bench it will do the same if rows. Last but not least (we have posted our 10+ most favorite exercises on the Kadillac bar) is all of your arm accessory work.

How do I incorporate the Kadillac Bar into my training?

If you are a sport athlete, fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder, just swap our that old straight bar and get to work you will love the results! If you are a powerlifter we suggest putting it in on your secondary day and use for accessory work first. Then, programming it in on your main day as a second or third pressing variation. If you are farther away from a competition add it in as a main pressing movement.

Why is the bar curved?

To help you get better results regardless of your goals! It has a very similar curved angle to our super popular “duffalo” bar, this allows for a greater ROM and keeps the shoulders in a better position. The main difference is the handles that are specifically angled to keep your body in alignment. The curve allows you to train through a bigger ROM that has a lot of benefits for a wide variety of fitness goals. It helps your body function in a more natural movement for the shoulder and shoulder blade. This improved “scapulohumeral rhythm” helps you function better, increase your training results while avoiding potential shoulder pain and problems.

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