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closeup shot of the Transformer Bar's different positions

Plot twist: your joints have a new love interest.

Squats are supposed to hurt -- but not your heart. Breaking up is hard to do.

But squats aren't your ex: they can change. In fact, we changed them. Read the love notes yourself

Build Your Squat


The PowerForge®Advantage

Kabuki Power's Forge process creates the best bars on earth.



We stare at barbells for hours -- why not make them beautiful? Kabuki Power designs every bar as a denial of the supposed gap between function and form. We make form function for you.

Transformer Bar Design Features

closeup of difficulty level settings on Transformer sleeve

Adjustable design enables athletes of all skill levels to efficiently master a variety of squat movement patterns.

closeup shot of the Transformer Bar's different positions

The Transformer Bar offers 24 different setting combinations, providing training facilities of all sizes with a highly versatile tool for altering loading and movement dynamics.

Revolutionary Function

The Transformer is the most revolutionary bar in history.


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

What’s the difference between the Made in Oregon & the Made in Ohio bars?

The Transformer Bar [Made in Ohio - Rogue] variant is manufactured and shipped by our partner Rogue Fitness from their Ohio facility. The bar is functionally identical (and features the same Kabuki Strength branding) to the Kabuki-manufactured Made in Oregon variant with the following differences:

- Matte Black Finish (vs. a slightly glossier BK-08 powdercoat)
- Detent Locking Pin to attach sleeve to bracket (vs. secure twist-lock mechanism)
- Laser-cut labels and markings (vs. polyurethane color labels)
- Optional shorter handles
- Flat profile pull-pin

Who should use the Transformer Bar?

Everyone, including competitive powerlifters outside a narrow competition prep window. The Transformer Bar is especially popular with athletic populations, mobility-restricted individuals, and beginners wanting to learn to squat correctly.

Why is it easier to squat and/or learn to squat with the Transformer Bar?

Much in the same way it’s easier to teach a beginner to squat with a kettlebell goblet squat vs. a straight bar back squat, the Transformer Bar allows for better positioning and loading especially for untrained or mobility-restricted populations, without the limited weight restrictions of a front-loaded goblet squat.

Why are the handles on the Transformer Bar so much longer than other safety squat bars?

Longer handles improve a lifter's ability to maintain a stacked, neutral spine and optimally create intra-abdominal pressure.

What’s the best setting for a beginner to use when learning how to squat correctly?

We’ve found that Front Squat - 2 or SSB - 2 is the easiest position to start with - allowing for immediate improvements in squat mechanics while maintaining the feel of a traditional straight barbell squat.

What is the bar’s weight rating?

The bar has been tested and is regularly used by some elite lifters with over 1000 lbs of load. No one had lifted it yet, but it has been tested with 1,200 lbs of load. The Transformer Bar is an American-made, purpose-built, high quality bar and is able to handle serious weights. Happy squatting!

Can the Transformer Bar be stored in a vertical weight holder?

Absolutely! The Transformer Bar can be stored vertically or horizontally.

Like other safety squat bars, can this stay on your shoulders even without holding onto the handles? For instance - for single leg work while holding onto a bar in front for stability.

The ability of the bar to balance on your shoulders without hands on the handles depends on the setting used. Certain settings require the lifter to hold onto the handles, particularly those where the weight's center of gravity is shifted posteriorly.

Does the Transformer Bar fit in a regular rack?

Yes, the Transformer Bar can be racked on any rack with a minimum width of 52”.

What is the difference between the Transformer Bar and a safety squat bar?

The SSB position is one of numerous positions available on the Transformer Bar thanks to its patented adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust both camber angle and height. This functionality makes the Transformer Bar the most versatile squat bar available on the market, giving athletes and lifters unparalleled versatility in choosing the appropriate position - whether you want to replicate traditional straight bar front or back (low and high bar) squats, or play around with different variations including hinge, SSB, or goblet squats at varying levels of difficulty.

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