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Product Features

-Enhanced Durability: Prolongs the lifespan of barbells by providing robust protection against rust and corrosion, even in humid environments.

-Preserves Authentic Feel:Maintains the natural, tactile sensation of the barbell's metal surface, ensuring an optimal bar-to-lifter interface and training experience.

-Easy to Apply:The aerosol spray format allows for quick, even, and hassle-free application, making barbell maintenance convenient and efficient.

-Annual Reapplication: Offers the flexibility to easily reapply the coating annually or as needed, ensuring consistent protection and repairability of wear and tear.

Versatile Protection:Ideal for various weather and humidity conditions, making it a suitable choice for both indoor and outdoor workout settings.

Product Dimensions

Type: Aerosol Spray Can

Weight: 10 oz Can

Safety: Flammable aerosol. Contents under pressure. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Vapor harmful. Skin Irritant. Safety Page Coming SoonUses:Any natural metal surface not finished with an additive material. Can be used on bare steel or black oxide surfaces. Do not use on chrome, zinc, nickel, powder coat, cerakote, or any other additive surface finishes.

Product Education

"At the heart of Kabuki Bar Sauce lies its exceptional corrosion resistance and ability to protect or repair barbells and other natural metal surfaces.

Traditional additive metal finishes often sacrifice long-term durability and performance for the sake of resisting corrosion. Our new ""RAW"" finish (available on Columbia Bars & PR Deadlift Bars) not only provides superior corrosion resistance but also preserves the natural, raw feel of the barbell. This is especially crucial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who prefer an unadulterated connection with their equipment. The aerosol spray application ensures an even, hassle-free coating, maintaining the aesthetic allure of a natural metal surface without the drawbacks of conventional finishes.

The ""RAW"" acronym captures the essence of this innovative product.

"Repairable" signifies the ease with which any natural metal surface, regardless of it’s condition or level of oxidation, can be repaired to its original condition and protected. Bar Sauce can be reapplied annually, or as needed when scratches or finish damage occur.Anti-corrosion"" highlights its primary function, offering robust protection against rust and degradation, particularly vital in variable humidity environments and exposure to elements like sweat.

"Weatherguard" rounds out the trio, ensuring the barbell's resilience against diverse weather and humidity conditions. This trifecta of features makes Kabuki Bar Sauce not just a protective coating, but a comprehensive maintenance solution for barbells. It's an indispensable tool for anyone serious about weightlifting, ensuring their equipment remains in peak condition, both functionally and aesthetically, despite the rigors of frequent and intense use."


Bar Sauce label

Easy Spray Application for Even Coverage

Bar Sauce's aerosol spray mechanism facilitates quick, thorough treatment of bars and other metal surfaces that need protection from corrosion.

Proprietary Mineral Blend for Unparalleled Barbell Protection

With a potent combination of minerals formulated to offer maximized protection from the elements, Bar Sauce is the result of years of metallurgical experience and formulaically superior to similar protective compounds.

Unique Formula Protects Bars Better, Longer

A quick yearly application of Bar Sauce will help perserve and extend the life and appearance of your barbell better than standard protective coatings.

Meet Kabuki Power Forge®

The advanced technology behind the BBOE(Best Bars on Earth).


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

What’s the difference between the Made in Oregon & the Made in Ohio bars?

The Transformer Bar [Made in Ohio - Rogue] variant is manufactured and shipped by our partner Rogue Fitness from their Ohio facility. The bar is functionally identical (and features the same Kabuki Power branding) to the Kabuki-manufactured Made in Oregon variant with the following differences:

- - Matte Black Finish (vs. a slightly glossier BK-08 powdercoat)
- Detent Locking Pin to attach sleeve to bracket (vs. secure twist-lock mechanism)
- Laser-cut labels and markings (vs. polyurethane color labels)
- Optional shorter handles
- Flat profile pull-pin

Who should use the Transformer Bar?

Everyone, including competitive powerlifters outside a narrow competition prep window. The Transformer Bar is especially popular with athletic populations, mobility-restricted individuals, and beginners wanting to learn to squat correctly.

Why is it easier to squat and/or learn to squat with the Transformer Bar?

Much in the same way it’s easier to teach a beginner to squat with a kettlebell goblet squat vs. a straight bar back squat, the Transformer Bar allows for better positioning and loading especially for untrained or mobility-restricted populations, without the limited weight restrictions of a front-loaded goblet squat.

Why are the handles on the Transformer Bar so much longer than other safety squat bars?

Longer handles improve a lifter's ability to maintain a stacked, neutral spine and optimally create intra-abdominal pressure.

What’s the best setting for a beginner to use when learning how to squat correctly?

We’ve found that Front Squat - 2 or SSB - 2 is the easiest position to start with - allowing for immediate improvements in squat mechanics while maintaining the feel of a traditional straight barbell squat.

What is the bar’s weight rating?

The bar has been tested and is regularly used by some elite lifters with over 1000lbs of load.  No one had lifted it yet, but it has been tested with 1,200lbs of load. The Transformer Bar is an American-made, purpose-built, high quality bar and is able to handle serious weights. Happy squatting!

Can the Transformer Bar be stored in a vertical weight holder?

Absolutely!  The Transformer Bar can be stored vertically or horizontally.

Like other safety squat bars, can this stay on your shoulders even without holding onto the handles? For instance - for single leg work while holding onto a bar in front for stability.

The ability of the bar to balance on your shoulders without hands on the handles depends on the setting used. Certain settings require the lifter to hold onto the handles, particularly those where the weight's center of gravity is shifted posteriorly. 

Does the Transformer Bar fit in a regular rack?

Yes, the Transformer Bar can be racked on any rack with a minimum width of 52”.

What is the difference between the Transformer Bar and a safety squat bar?

The SSB position is one of numerous positions available on the Transformer Bar thanks to its patented adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust both camber angle and height. This functionality makes the Transformer Bar the most versatile squat bar available on the market, giving athletes and lifters unparalleled versatility in choosing the appropriate position - whether you want to replicate traditional straight bar front or back (low and high bar) squats, or play around with different variations including hinge, SSB, or goblet squats at varying levels of difficulty.

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