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What is the difference between the Kabuki PR Deadlift Bar and other deadlift bars on the market?

Only deadlift bar knurling developed off of leading research on the impacts depth of dermal penetration to increase neurological responses affecting neural firing while minimizing the damage to skin. Research was done by academics and used to refine OSHA standards as it relates.The Kabuki Bar design started with the competition specifications and worked backwards, with material selection and geometry to maximize the amount of flex in the bar before it leaves the ground, while balancing the whip or oscillation of the bar. The Kabuki PR Deadlift Bar should enhance anyones pulling power immediately, but there is a learning period to maximize the results just like going from a power bar to a regular deadlift bar. This is a process for ANY speciality piece of equipment or any other deadlift bar.

Is the PR Deadlift Bar approved for competition?

Yes, the bar meets competition specs in any federation that allows the use of a dedicated deadlift bar.

What does the knurl feel like on the PR Deadlift Bar?

This is the only bar knurling based on published in-depth research, and is the perfect blend of both grip and neurological enhancement.
The knurling feels like it has a ‘bite’ to it as you grab it and feels very secure and confident in your hands. While on the more aggressive side for knurling it doesn’t feel overtly sharp and does not cut your hands just for the sake of cutting it. It does micro pentate to a specific dermal layer with its depth wich is just enough to enhance neural firing based on extensive research commissioned by OSHA. To much penetration depth that some people like because they think the sharper the better the grip, actually has inhibitory effect through protective mechanism with neurological expression. Not to mention the constant physical damage to your hands. The only time the deadlift bar should cause damage by cutting or tearing your hands is if it becomes loose and slides in your hands. The is the only bar knurling based on research and is the perfect blend of both grip and neurological enhancement.

If I train with the PR Deadlift Bar but my competition uses a different deadlift bar, will there be carryover or issues using a different bar during my meet?

The PR deadlift bar will teach you how maximize tension on your setup which will translate to improvements on any barbell. However it will allow you to lift more in the process so if using a different bar for the meet you will have to anticipate lifting less than at the meet.

What is the load rating for the PR Deadlift Bar?

This bar has been used in competition for numerous 1000+ pulls including the current all-time world record raw deadlift of 1074 lbs by Danny Grigsby. The bar is rated for 1200 lbs.

What is the difference between a deadlift bar and a power bar?

Deadlift bars are 27mm in diameter, compared to 29mm for competition power bars. Additionally, deadlift bars are longer to allow for more space between the weight plates, creating additional “bend” in the bar with heavier loads. This also functions to allow lifters to pre-tension the weight on the ground ensuring optimal positioning and maximum force output. A power bar is much stiffer and used for all 3 power lifts in certain federations. The knurl on a deadlift bar is also sharper and grippier than on a traditional power bar.

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