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Plot twist: your joints have a new love interest.

Squats are supposed to hurt -- but not your heart. Breaking up is hard to do.

But squats aren't your ex: they can change. In fact, we changed them. Read the love notes yourself

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The PowerForge®Advantage

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We stare at barbells for hours -- why not make them beautiful? Kabuki Power designs every bar as a denial of the supposed gap between function and form. We make form function for you.

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Revolutionary Function

The Transformer is the most revolutionary bar in history.


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What is the difference between squatting with a duffalo vs. straight bar?

There's a very common injury occurrence when squatting with a straight bar, especially multiple times a week and it may not be what you expect. That is elbow, shoulder, and wrist pain/injuries. This is due to the large amount of mobility demand put on them when in a back squat position especially low bar. Which can lead to some big concerns. The duffalo will provide the same adaptations of a straight bar with significantly less joint stress.

Is the Duffalo bar specifically for back squatting?

In the squat category alone there is exponentially more we can do with the duffalo besides just back squatting. For example one of our favorite uses for it is front squatting. Loading potential tends to skyrocket when using the duffalo in comparison to a standard straight bar. Due to the Duffalos curvature and knurl it sticks to ones body exponentially better so we can focus more on loading and squat mechanics instead of struggling to keep the bar on our body. Furthermore its a fantastic bench pressing bar.

Can I use the Duffalo Bar for bench pressing?

Yes and we very much suggest it. The primary benefit to bench pressing with a duffalo is the significantly larger ROM it provides which has been shown in research to be one of the more important training factors when looking to create the best hypertrophic training stimulus possible. Furthermore the curvature of the bar itself tends to be much easier on joints especially when pressing heavily and or with a higher frequency.

What are the primary applications/benefits behind a duffalo bar?

There are many potential applications with using the duffalo bar. If we had to narrow them down to our top three they would be 1. To relieve the strain put on joints when in a back squat position. 2. To create a better training stimulus through a larger ROM when performing pressing variations. 3. Increase the loading potential of particular squat variations such as the front squat. There's significantly more applications for it but these three are amongst the most important.

If I cant use it for competition what is the point as a powerlifter?

As a powerlifter we squat, bench, deadlift with an incredibly high frequency and intensity. This can bring about some big concerns. Many lifters find themselves benching right after squats and end up going through pain, dysfunction, and compensatory movement patterns which pushes them to carefully analyze the bench asking themselves why is this happening? Well oftentimes the root cause of this issue is actually stemming from wear and tear put on joints in the back squat that gets even worse with a secondary or tertiary exposure to back squatting per week. The duffalo can help to significantly relieve issues like this. The curvature of the bar relieves the joint stress while still providing the same pattern, stimulation, and adaptations that are needed for competition.

Besides flat bench and back squatting, what else can I use Duffalo for?

For starters, every squat and bench variation out there. For example we love it for incline bench, decline bench, front squat, zercher squat, and much more. But getting away from squat and bench other variation examples include: All lunge variations, all OHP variations, goodmornings, walking zercher front holds, rows, curls, skullcrushers, suit case deadlifts, suit case carries, and much more!

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