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The advanced technology behind the BBOE(Best Bars on Earth).


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What does the higher tensile strength and hardness mean in practical terms?

A bar’s metallurgical properties are the primary determining factors in the mechanical properties of the bar, or in more practical terms, how the bar behaves in the lifter hands against gravity and the force generated. The yield strength of the metal determines how much stress it can take before permanent deformation, while the tensile strength measures its breaking, or fracture point. The softer, or lower strength a bar is - the more it bends under load. The harder, or higher yield/tensile strength a bar is - the less it bends under load. Each of these options varies the feel or oscillation of a bar under load, and the art of bar design comes in determining the fine dance between the bars properties and how it behaves under load, against gravity. One downside of higher tensile strength is brittleness, or catastrophic failure (not bending, but cracking under tension).

What is the difference between Kabuknurl and other bar’s knurl?

Our knurl was designed from the ground up and based on established research to 1) be the “stickiest” knurl possible, 2) minimize dermal penetration and damage to skin, and 3) maximize neural response.

I’ve heard that the 250k Power Bar by Kabuki “just feels better” than other barbells. What does this mean?

Besides the unmatched knurl design, Kabuki’s new generation straight 250k barbells use a proprietary metallurgical technique to produce a hardness that preserves the durability of higher tensile strength & rockwell hardness while mitigating the traditionally-associated fracture risk + negative oscillation and physics properties. Years of practical experience in strength sports, deeper continuing education in exercise science and kinesiology, combined with a technical background in engineering/metallurgy makes Kabuki the perfect team to fine-tune the perfect barbell using novel techniques.

Can this bar be used in sanctioned powerlifting competitions?

Yes, the 250k Power Bar meets the competition specifications for the IPF, USAPL, IPL, and USPA along with all other major powerlifting federations. Only metallic finishes like Zinc or Black Oxide can be used on the competition platform.

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